It’s April and Baby Too

Have you heard about April the giraffe? Of course you have unless you’ve been living off the planet. Ever since February the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY has had a spotlight (well, just a camera) on April in her pen. Over the weeks, that cam showed up here, there and everywhere! When you couldn’t find it ‘live’ in one… Read More

Welcome! New? . . . Start Here!

Welcome to Live Simply Love Knitting! I am SO happy you are here! What is it you are searching for? What do you dream about all the time? What are those things that will make you happiest? How DO you put together a list of priorities that will work for you, and only you? You long to make a difference… Read More

KNIT To Make A Lasting Impression

“Everything you remember in your mind is gone,” my husband said to me. That drive down Harmony Rd. was always one of my very favorites. If I had been out at the Freehold Mall or someplace north of Lakewood, I always took the turnoff onto Jackson Mills Rd, then a left onto Harmony, just before Route 195. Pretty homes, big… Read More

Homekeeping 1.0

I write for a living. Just to make some extra money every month, I do freelance writing for a few different clients. Some are ebooks, some articles, and I never know what the topic will be. Most of all, I love writing about places I’ve never been; the Hawaiian Islands, rentals in Argentina or Canada and just lately small towns… Read More

5 BEST Reasons to Knit a Scarf

Knitting is my very favorite hobby of all time! I enjoy so many other things as well, but there is just something so satisfying about picking up my knitting needles to knit. Now that I have grand daughters, I love making them all kinds of goodies; from big blankets to little ones to pretty dresses, which is what I’m working on… Read More

Who Else Wants to SAVE Her Marriage?

Marriage is one of life’s lovelies. It’s been around forever and is so woven into our lives, that we hardly give it a second thought. Am I an expert? You bet. And why? Because this year, 2017, I will be married for 45 years. TO THE SAME MAN. Impossible, you say! No. It isn’t. And if I have done it,… Read More