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Welcome to Live Simply Love Knitting! I am SO happy you are here! What is it you are searching for? What do you dream about all the time? What are those things that will make you happiest? How DO you put together a list of priorities that will work for you, and only you? You long to make a difference… Read More

Wanna Learn How to Knit? Here’s How!

Knitting is just one of the BEST things you can do in life. There is fulfillment in every stitch you make; happiness in each project you finish and satisfaction in the accomplishments you achieve with your knitting. I started knitting when I was still in high school. My best girlfriend’s mother knit, and one day she ordered us a couple… Read More

Knowing Failure When You See It

Are we programmed to win or what? It seems from the time we acknowledge consciousness all we know is winning. Gotta be first, gotta be best, gotta be head of the class, gotta win that trophy, gotta gotta gotta. THEN when things don’t go as planned it seems as if the Chaos-gods have chosen us for their very own. But,… Read More

5 Ways to LOVE Books For a Lifetime

Been reading lots and lots of books this month. Which is almost gone. Not the books, the month. August came and went in a flurry and a hurry. When you’re busy every day, that’s what happens. So, while I’m happily reading my way through ‘how to write a novel’ and ‘how to write that mystery’ book, I want to share… Read More

5 Baby Steps to Downsizing at Home

Does it sometimes feel like you’re living with too much stuff? Every room you look in there’s just too much stuff. Open a closet or cabinet and there it is again! That stuff. There are ways to deal with this, you know. Baby steps to downsizing at home is not as difficult as you may think. You don’t have to… Read More

The Powers of Raw Honey

This post may contain affiliate links. The older I get the more I realize that eating healthy is really the best way to go. Through the years I’ve filled my house with soda, processed cookies and baked goods, and canned vegetables that are better eaten fresh from the produce section. Too often there were cereals, “maple” syrup and honey being… Read More

5 BEST Ways to Save Money on Groceries

This post may contain affiliate links. I have been food shopping forever. At least since 1972 and that’s a long time ago. Back in those days I really didn’t pay much attention to prices or brands or how the store was set up or anything. I just went in, bought what I needed and paid the bill, which totaled about… Read More

10 Ways to Hitch Your Star to the NEW Future

Are you worried about the future? Or do you think about it much? Probably not, judging by all you do every day. But, the future creeps up on all us quickly and it might just be, or it might not be, everything you think. (NOTE: I make a commission for purchases made through links in this post.) I like the… Read More